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Modern Thai Menu

Please select 3 dishes from the category below.

You are required to select your preferred 3 dishes from the category below. Each dish you have chosen must not be in the same category. For example, an appetizer dish, a salad dish and a main dish.

It is recommended that you and your friend/partner(s) choose the same 3 dishes to cook in the class.

If you have any food allergy, please specify at the end of the menu selection.

Some ingredient may be not available and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
I have read the above suggestion.
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Chicken Satay, Pickled Cucumber, Shallot and Spicy Peanut Sauce Wrap
Fresh Rice Noodle Sheet Rolled with Garden Salads, Raw Carrot, Cucumber, Cooked Chicken served with Sweet & Spicy Sauce (Kuay Tiew Muan)
Deep Fried Sesame Chicken served with Salad and Thai Chili Sauce (Gai Tod Nga Krob)
Chicken and Young Coconut Meat Tom Yum Soup (Tom Yum Gai Mapraw-on)
Seabass, Egg Tofu, Chinese Cabbage, and Seaweed Clear Soup (Kaeng Jud Ruamit)
Salmon, Mint, Coriander, Roasted Rice Powder Salad with Lime Juice, Chili Powder, Palm Sugar Dressing (Laab Pla Salmon)
Fruits, Peanut and Cherry Tomato Salad with Fresh Chili, Garlic, Lime Juice, Palm Sugar and Fish Sauce Dressing (Tum Pola-mai)
Main Dish
Chicken Green Curry Served with Roti (Kaeng Kiew Wan Gai Kab Roti)
Spiced Yellow Rice served with Chicken Topped with Fried Garlic and Sweet & Spicy Dip
Grilled Beef with Panaeng Curry Sauce served with Bok Choi and Crispy Carrot
Grilled Lamb chops with Thai Basil Sauce served with Thai Basil and Chili Fried Rice
If you are allergic to any food above, please specify