Exotic Thai Drinks

My favorite Thai drinks are health-focused and non-alcoholic. The drinks mainly feature popular exotic herbal and fruit drinks.

Thai herbal and fruit drinks are commonly served chilled, due to the warm weather in Thailand. However, herbal drinks can be served hot as tea anytime of the day.

Thai locally grown herbs are the secret to many of these fantastic tasting drinks; galangal, lemongrass, pandan leaves, ginger exotic plants; safflower, roselle, aloe vera, gingko biloba leave fresh seasoned fruits; jack fruit, watermelon, mango, lychee, longan, coconut, Bael grains ; corn, pearl barley and some vegetables.

Thai herbs and plants are well known for their unique health properties. For example, Bael fruit helps intestines clean and tone up, lemongrass helps relieve flatulence and induces perspiration, roselle is a mild laxative and used to reduce high blood pressure. Gingko biloba leaves contain flavonoid which is pharmaceutically used for dementia treatment.

For coffee lovers, I have famous Thai iced coffee and tea recipes easy to make at home!

Lemongrass Drink
Healthy Herbal Drinks

Lemongrass Drink – nam ta krai
Roselle Drink – nam kra-jieb
Bael Drink – nam ma toom
Safflower Drink - nam dok kam foi
Gingko Biloba Leave Drink - nam bai pae kuay

Chilled Thai Fruit Drinks
Watermelon Drink – nam taeng mo
Sweet Mango Drink – nam ma-muang
Lychee Drink – nam lyn-chee

Caffeine Drinks
Thai Iced Tea – cha yen
Thai Iced Coffee - ka-fe yen

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