How to Freeze Herbs


Freeze herbs at the peak season of the season, when they are most plentiful and of the best quality.

Obviously, freezing herbs is a good alternative way to store them for long term use especially herbs that are not easily grown in dry and winter season. Herbs used in Thai cooking can be freezed well include Thai basil, Thai Holy Basil, Thai Lemon Basil, Coriander and Mint.

However, you can freeze other Thai ingredients such as lessor ginger, pandan leaves, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves or galangal.

Start with blanching the herbs with stems by dipping herbs in boiling water and swish gently about. They are ready when the color brigthens. This process takes only 1-3 seconds.

Then draining by placing the herbs, by the bunch, on clean paper towels to cool dowm.

Next step is preparing the herbs for freezing by removing stems, chopping, or simply leaving them whole. Whichever way is fine. Air-cooled and dry the herbs on a dry plate.

Then wrapping the herbs by laying the herbs out in single layers on waxed paper, then roll up and lable.

The last is freezing the herbs. Store in the freezer for use throughout winter. simple break off as much as you need each time from the frozen roll.

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