Delicious Thai Appetizer Recipes

Many Thai appetizer recipes are famous across the world such as Thai spring rolls, chicken satay and so on. Thais love snacking all day as there are plenty of delicious appetizers that are perfect for a light snack or pre main course meal.

I have a few Thai authentic recipes here to share with you including a few healthy recipes that vegetarian focused.

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Steamed wonton

Thai Spring Rolls (por pia tod)

Steamed Wontons (ka-nom jeep)

Thai Fish Cakes (tod man pla)

Pork Satay

Thai Barbecue Pork on Bamboo Skewers (new)

Start with Spring Rolls...

There are varied styles of Thai spring roll recipe. The most popular are deep fried with vegetables and with or without meat.

Deep fried spring rolls are usually enjoyed with fresh Thai basil leaves and varieties of lettuce. Spring rolls are usually served with either a sweet chili or plum sauce.

Spring rolls can also be enjoyed as fresh spring rolls which mean that the spring rolls haven't been deep fried. Fresh spring roll takes shorter time to be prepared and is usually enjoyed with spring onion and cucumber.

Prawn Wantons

Similar to Chinese dim sum, the Thai version is created using minced prawn wrapped in won ton sheets and served wither steamed or fried. My person favorite is steamed and served with a good quality light soy sauce.

Another way to enjoy wonton is to deep fry with minced pork or prawns stuffing and serve with sweet chili sauce. This is an ideal for party nibbles and snack.

Deep Fried Prawns Wrapped in Crispy Noodle...

It is usually wrapped with thin egg noodle and then deep fry. It is great for party nibbles and all day snack as it only takes a short time for preparation. It is served hot with either a sweet chili or plum sauce.

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