Thai Beef Salad

The aromatic Thai beef salad is quick and easy to make. A rare beef steak sliced and tossed with exotic herbs and dressing from fresh lime juice, palm sugar, roasted chili paste and fish sauce or soy sauce.

You can either sear the beef or charcoal grill. I prefer charcoal grill over high heat for a strong smoky flavor and cook the meat rare as it tends to absorb flavors from the dressing well.

This Thai beef salad recipe is called pla nue. Originally the meat is cooked medium rare over charcoal grill and mainly consisted with fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, shallot and roasted chili paste. It should not be confused with Thai Grilled Beef Salad called yum nue yang which has different salad ingredients and the meat is normally well cooked.

I recommend a few Thai dishes that will make a good Thai set menu are Tom Yum Soup with Prawns and a Fried Rice dish. Click to see recipes!

Bon appetite!

thai beef salad

Thai Beef Salad
pla nue

Preparation: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Spicy Level: mild
Served 2

Beef tenderloin or rump steak 500 g
Cherry tomato halved ½ pack
Lemongrass diagonally and thinly sliced 2 stalks
Shallots or red onion halved, cut into fine wedges ½ cup
Mint leaves picked ½ cup
Kaffir lime leaves
thinly shredded 5 leaves
Lettuce thinly shredded 1 cup

Ingredients for dressing:
Fish sauce or soy sauce 2 tbsp
Lime juice 3 tbsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
Thai chilies, pounded ½ tsp (optional)
Chili paste 1 tbsp
Beef stock ¼ cup

Let's get started!

How to make dressing:
Step 1

  • Pound chilies and garlic with mortar and pestle until smooth. Remove into a dressing bowl.

  • Simmer beef stock, pounded chilies, chili paste, fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar.

  • Remove from the heat.

How to make:

  • Grill beef on a charcoal grill or sear both sides over high heat until the meat is half cooked.

  • Slice beef into bite-size and add sliced beef into a mix bowl.

  • Add tomato, kaffir lime leaves, mint leaves, shallots and lemongrass.

  • Pour the dressing and toss well.

  • Place lettuce on a serving plate and add the beef salad in middle.

Cooking Note

  • If you use a block of palm sugar, cut half or use a whole block. Heat the sugar with ½ cup of water over low heat. Continue until the block is entirely melted. Ready to use.

  • The salad dressing should be simmered on a low heat until slightly sticky which seems to has more aroma.

  • Discard the top part of lemongrass and use only the bottom half as it is easy to chew and dice. If the lemongrass is mature, you may peel off the brown part and discard.

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