Authentic Thai Curry Recipes

Thai curry recipes are very popular to westerners due to its exotic herbs and spices and the balance of flavors. Thai Curry Pastes called phrik kaeng or khrueang kaeng are the key to Thai curry dishes. It is very important to use the right ingredients for each curry paste.

Here are the most popular and authentic recipes;

panang gai

Panang Curry with Chicken

Green Curry with Chicken

Red Duck Curry

Massaman Curry with Chicken

Thai Sour Curry (Central Style) with Veggies and Prawns (new)

Yellow Curry with Chicken (new)

Choo Chee Curry with Fish

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In Thai cuisine, there are two varieties of curry dish.

  • Curries with coconut milk are red curry - kaeng ped, panaeng curry, green curry - kaeng kiew wan, kua curry - kaeng kua, and choo chee curry.

  • Curries without coconut milk are dried curry - pad ped, yellow curry - kaeng som, and liang curry - kaeng liang.

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