Thai Rice Recipes

There are tons of delicious Thai rice recipes. Rice called in Thai "Khao" literally means rice grains whereas "Khao Suay" means cooked rice. However, a rice dish is also called in Thai "Khao"

It is a staple diet for Thais from a young age. There is no wonder that rice dishes are often seen in every eating places such as street food markets or restaurants. Rice dishes are often eaten throughout the day from breakfast to dinner.

Rice can be cooked in variety of ways. See Type of Rice Dishes

Thai rice recipes currently available on my site, which are listed below, are my favorite and most popular ones. They are perfect for those of you that love rice dishes and want to try preparing quick an easy menu options for home cooking or to try challenging yourself with time-consumed dishes for your new cooking experience. Many of my rice dishes in these recipes are a great choice for children as well.

I recommend using Jasmine rice as it is the finest quality type of rice produced in Thailand. It becomes the most popular due to its natural fragrant quality.

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panang curry with pork and rice

Here are popular rice dishes;

Panang Curry with Pork and Rice

Stir Fried Minced Chicken and Holy Basil with Fried Egg and Rice

Yellow Curry with Pork & Winter Melon and Rice

Fried Rice with Roasted Duck

Fried Rice with Prawns

Thai Chicken Rice (new)

Type of Rice Dishes

Khao Tom or boiled rice is often eaten as breakfast, lunch, or dinner or supper. There are a few Thai rice recipes for boiled rice; Boiled rice with shrimps, Boiled rice with white fish.

To cook Thai rice soup is easy and quick. You basically need to prepare steamed rice, chicken, pork or fish stock and your choice of meat separately. And cook all ingredients together over high heat.

Khao Suay is steamed rice that is usually served hot with hot dishes.

Khao Rad Gaeng is a portion of steamed rice served with variety of Thai dishes. These dishes normally are pre cooked and placed in a stainless steel container. This type of food style very popular and commonly found at lunch time at any food court or street food markets both at day and night time.

Khao Pad is fried rice, one of the most popular Thai rice recipe. It is mostly cooked with garlic, onion, any kind of meat and seasonal vegetables. Fried rice is served hot and normally served with sliced fresh cucumbers or tomato, wedge of lime and chopped Thai chilies in fish sauce or in Thai called "Prik Nam Pla"

Khao Mok is rice cooked together with spices and meat with a rice cooker. The well-known one that is slightly similar to Indian style rice cooked with chicken is called "Fragrant Yellow Rice with Chicken" or "Khao Mok Gai" .

Khao Ob also known as "Khao Ob Mor Din" is a hot clay pot rice. It is a Chinese influenced rice dish that uses "clay pot cooking technique" which is commonly used in SE. Rice, marinated choice of meat and vegetables are cooked together in the pot either over a charcoal stove (the tradition way) or in an oven or a microwave. Cooking this type of rice dish requires patience and cooking time, but it is worthwhile!

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