Quick and Easy Thai Vegetable Recipes

I always love making Thai vegetable recipes as it involves quick and easy preparation (cut and chopping) and, particularly, a wok stir frying, my most favorite cooking style.

In Thai's kitchen, we use a carbon steel or rolled steel wok, the most suitable cooking utensil and inexpensive vessels sold in Asian stores, and a stainless steel spatula with a wood-handle is preferred.

Why use a wok? The idea behind "wok stir frying" is to cook food quickly in a hot flame with intense heat penetrates through the thin steel. Read more details about using a wok.

These vegetable recipes are stir fries with wide varieties of vegetables with chicken, pork or beef, garlic and oyster sauce, fish sauce, some recipes uses chilies with herbs like Thai holy basil. You can almost stir fry anything!

These stir fried vegetable recipes can be cooked for vegetarians by simply replacing the fish sauce by using soy sauce and vegetarian oyster sauce instead.

If you are making a Thai set dinner, serve a stir fried vegetable dish with some curries, soup and a fried rice dish or alternatively steamed rice. On the other hand, a stir fried vegetable dish can also be served alone with steamed rice.

To give you some ideas, here are my favorite recipes;

Asparagus with prawns

Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

Asparagus with Prawns

Baby Corns with Oyster Sauce

Angled Luffa with Egg

Morning Glory with Oyster Sauce

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