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Are you looking for authentic Thai recipes? If yes. Here is the right site to find those pure and full flavored Thai foods.

My name is Waraporn but you can call me by my Thai nickname, Deer. No doubt, cooking Thai food is my passion! Some of my recipes were received from my mother and grandmother who have been my significant inspiration.

I feel privileged to be able to share them with you. These mouth-watering recipes come with easy to follow step by step guiding you to a successful Thai cooking at your first try.

"Cooking Thai food is easy to learn and anyone can make it delicious just like the Thais do!"

There is a secret key to a good taste of Thai food starts with good preparation, cooking techniques, and authentic Thai ingredients including strong aromatic herbs, spices, vegetables, seasonings and pastes. These combinations importantly enhance the distinctive flavors in Thai food and presentation.

Thai food is known for its balanced combinations of the five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal; spicy (ped), sour (priew), sweet (whaan), salty (kem), and bitter (kom). Click to read more Taste of Thai

Thai food has been recognized and popular across the world for number of years. Food in Thai is called A-harn. It is as rich and exquisite as its culture and history. It is one of the famous Asian cuisines for being spicy and balanced of flavors.

Thai cuisine truly indicates the way of life, thoughts and spirits of Thai people which had been created to suit lifestyle of each region in Thailand.

In general, for a big families, a large pot of steamed rice will be prepared ahead of time while several combined Thai recipes are served up at the table "family style" and are shared amongst diners in no particular order. Click to read more Thai Food and Culture

Thai ingredients are the core part of Thai cooking. It is very important to know the basic qualities and how they are used characteristically. I would like to share general usages, medicinal properties and basic qualities of Thai ingredients commonly used in Thai cooking.

Without knowing what they are and how they are used, it might be a little confusing especially ones who never try Thai cooking before. Click to read more Thai Ingredients

Get to know Thai fresh and dried herbs. For example, Thai basil, holy basil, lemon basil, ginger, galangal, shallots, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, spearmint, coriander roots, garlic, chilies, lesser ginger and turmeric. Click to read more Thai Herbs and Spices

Get to know Thai Vegetables. What they are, how to prepare and how to keep them. Click to read more Thai Vegetables

Among Thai ingredients, Thai curry paste is essential for Thai curry dishes. Thai Curry Paste in Thai is called Nam Phrik Kaeng or Phrik Kaeng or Krueng Kaeng. Most of the curry pastes are available internationally such as red, panang, massaman, green and yellow curry pastes.

Before starting to make a curry paste, you need to know the characters and flavors of each ingredient. This knowledge will assist you to create aromatic fragrance in your curry dishes. Click to read more Thai Curry Paste

If you are a big fan of Thai salad or known as "Yum", I have a list of Thai salad ingredients explaining what they are, how to prepare and how to cook them. Click to read more Thai Salad Ingredients

To enjoy a home-style Thai salad dressing, you need to get to know a few base ingredients. It is very important to get the Thai dressing flavor right. It should contain 3-4 flavors; sour, salty, sweet, spicy. To a Thai's taste, spiciness has always led the salad dish with the other flavors used to balance the overall flavor. Click to read more Thai Salad Dressing

Thai rice and noodles are the main staple. There are variety of types. Click to read more Thai Rice and Noodles

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