About Thai Recipes Today

My cooking skills started when my mother, also passionated about Thai cooking, started her own Thai restaurant offering popular local dishes. I contributed my weekends helping her in the kitchen most of the day.



Paying my full attention into the details of traditional Thai cooking, I quickly learned from both my mother and grandmother.


In later years, I found myself interested in international foods and different cultures when I spent many years of life travelling abroad as well as practicing a few different cooking styles and recipes in my kitchen. I have been known to often host dinner parties for my closest friends and family.


Previously working as an editor for the publications in Thailand, one of my favorite parts of the job was contributing to the photography, food styling and food reviews. That’s where the idea for the Thai Recipes Today website started.

I consider my cooking style to be fresh, clean and delicious and most importantly healthy!


I prefer to use a minimum amount of seasoning especially salt, fish sauce and soy sauce as much as possible. However, sometime this is difficult as many Thai dishes required full flavors that are created from seasoning.


I believe anyone can make Thai food like the Thai’s by simply following the Thai Recipe Today authentic recipes!…….